Thursday, January 17, 2013

Whats this all about?

Hey all, if you have read the about section then you will probably know that:

a. i love travel 
b. i love cooking and eating and 
c. i love making friends and doing rather weird projects.

My aim in this project is to contact friends from 80 countries, have them recommend recipes from their native homelands and then im going to try my best at cooking these recipes, posting the recipes on here along with a bit of blurb on how I met such friends and depending on the difficulty of the recipe - whether we are still friends - joke!

I want to broaden my cooking skills and have a bit of a laugh online at the same time so I really hope that you will tune and try some of the recipes yourself at home and let me know either through the comments and/or tweeting me on twitter, how you get on. I have set a time frame of 80 weeks which seems long but I am sure will fly in with all the cooking and searching of ingredients.

I have decided that the first recipe will be made and posted first week of February and ideally I will post weekly form then on in but it may be that due to other commitments that I might end up cooking 2 or 3 per week or 2 or 3 per month. Stick with me, support me and cheer me on when the going gets tough and the cooking gets tougher and hopefully we will come out at the end of 80 weeks fatter, fuller and happier in general. Through these recipes and my friends and their tales of the foods, how we met etc I really hope we can become closer and you readers can learn to love my friends that I have made over the years, just as much as I have. The years have been kind and the people I have met on my journeys have been kinder and in my opinion there is nothing better in life than cooking, eating, traveling and meeting new people.

happy reading, spread the word about my crazy journey and see you somewhere along the road at one of the many it stops! One last note - get to the contact page and follow me on twitter please :D

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