So you may be looking to contact me throughout this cooking journey round the world and although I hope to only receive good news and comments - any notification that the world may be reading would be lovely.

You can email me here with advice, comments and or information on what has been posted so far. Ideally comments will go below the post etc that it refers to though.

I will be trying to use twitter as much as possible and this entire blogging journey can be followed: @rtw80p. There is a link to follow us on the blog and it would be great to have people tweeting retweeting hash tagging and all that other twittertastic goodness that goes along with it.

Not much else to say really, regarding contacting us, but please be understanding that this is one man and his kitchen/laptop, no professional skills and basically - i am trusting my friends round the globe with their recipe recommendations - although I will be using the good old google to check for any sabbotage suggestions.
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