So you may be wondering what this blog is all about?
Why the name?
Why the 80 days?
Why the 80 recipes?

Well these are all good questions and the answers are simple.

For the past however many years I have been fascinated with both food and travel and through my time living working and visiting many countries in the world, I have become friends with a great number of people and I have fallen in love with a great number of dishes, cuisines and flavours from so many countries.

As someone who loves to cook and have people over for dinner, I am always looking out for new recipes, flavuors and ingredients to try and in the bath one day (one of my favourite places to hang out alone and think), I thought that it would be great to try and connect all the places I have been and people I have met through my love for travel and food.

I came up with the concept of Round the world on 80 plates based on the children's novel Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. I decided to play on the words a little and keep as close to the novel title and theme of food as possible so that the title and idea would stick in peoples minds easily.

Although I avent been to 80 countries yet, I am more than certain that in my time alive I have met people from more than eighty different countries and some of them we will hear from here during this culinary journey.

So how is this going to work?
I am in the middle of contacting people that I know from a large list of countries, some of which I have been to and some of which I simply have friends from there. I will ask these people to reply to my email with a "local" dish from their country that can be quite easily made at home and that I can try to make. I will then take time out of the 80 weeks I plan to do this project for, and I will buy the ingredients and make the dish.

If the person that suggests the recipe agrees, I will also put some information about them on the blog post relating to their country/recipe and in some cases where these people have their own websites/ businesses etc, I will also mention these so that readers (if i have any) can get in touch with these people.

I decided after some time of thinking how to do this, what would be a realistic timeframe in order to complete this? Some friends said 80 days, some 80 weeks and some had various other suggestions. I decided to go with 80 weeks as this will give me time to plan meals, source ingredients and write decent blog posts with photos to ensure that this project is completed to the highest standards I can manage which may not be great for some of you. On the way I hope to learn a little more about cooking, ingredients, perhaps cultural related anecdotes related to the meals. I also hope that my understanding of blogging and social media will improve and that after 80 weeks I will become a fairly sufficient blogger.

How can you guys help?
Thorughout the journey you guys can keep tuned in to the latest posts, share with your friends, try out the recipes for yourself, follow on Twitter, spread the word and hopefully not put on too much weight as we all eat our way through 80 countries. Keep me company, send me comments and make this project of love realise that it is not out there on its own. Check out the contacts page to find out how to keep in touch and see you guys somewhere along the road where we take a pit stop to eat something new and adventurous.

Well there isnt much else to say really, except that through two things I am passionate about: cooking and travel, three if you count making friends, I hope to learn more skills and knowledge and become happier and more confident in the kitchen.

Wish me luck and keep me company on my journey round the world/kitchen/supermarket. If you want to see my other attempt at blogging then you can always check me out here.
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